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UCRC Responsibilities

The primary responsibilities of the UCRC outlined in the 1948 Compact include:

  • Adopt rules and regulations

  • Locate, establish, construct, abandon, operate and maintain water gauging stations

  • Make estimates to forecast water run-off on the Colorado River and any of its tributaries

  • Engage in cooperative studies of water supplies of the Colorado River and its tributaries

  • Collect, analyze, correlate, preserve and report on data as to the stream flows, storage, diversions and use of the waters of the Colorado River, and any of its tributaries

  • Make findings as to the quantity of water of the Upper Colorado River System used each year in the Upper Colorado River Basin and in each State thereof

  • Make findings as to the quantity of water deliveries at Lee Ferry during each water year

  • Make findings as to the necessity for and the extent of the curtailment of use, required, if any.

  • Make findings to the quantity of reservoir losses and as to the share chargeable to each of the States

  • Make findings of fact in the event of the occurrence of extraordinary drought or serious accident to the irrigation system in the Upper Basin, whereby deliveries by the Upper Basin of water which it may be required to deliver in order to aid in fulfilling obligations of the United States of America to the United Mexican States arising under the treaty between the United States of America and the United Mexican States, dated February 3, 1944 become difficult, and report such findings to the Governors, the Upper Basin States, the President of the United States of America, the United States Section of the International Boundary and Water Commission, and such other federal officials and agencies as it may deem appropriate to the end that the water allotted to Mexico under Division III of such treaty may be reduced in accordance with the terms of such treaty.